Friday, January 29, 2010

Technology Films - Didn't like as Much

This is a part of the post: Best Films on Technology
This individual post is more about the films on technology that I know that people liked or even loved, but I did not feel the same. These were certainly not BAD films, but they did not connect with me for some reason or another.
Please feel free to comment on why you think any of these deserve to be on another list:

Did Not Like em As Much As Others Did

Donnie Darko
ETI liked it OK as a kid and like it even less now.
Fahrenheit 457
Read the book. Its gripping! The movie is just OK.
GhostbustersMy friends love the movie. My first impression (in a small TV) was not very good and it has not changed much over time. It is funny though.
Minority ReportSuch a cool concept. Such a waste!
The AbyssCutting edge technology, but not enough to keep me interested and coming back for seconds.
Truman Show
Great concept and good acting even, but something did not work.
V for Vendetta
Another great concept, but some of it was a bit hokey.

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