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Top Five on Twitter - Tech News and Updates

Part 2 of TOP FIVE Twitter accounts to follow. This one is on technology blogs and stories. These are the best resources for updates on new technology- gadgets, websites, reviews, social networks, and other tech matters that will help you catch up with technology without having to do a whole lot of boring reading. These recommendations are based on my actual use and the value I have got out of these.

To recap - one of the recommendations I posted (especially for new users of Twitter) was to keep accounts you follow between 50-75 so that your Twitter page is not cluttered. Another recommendation was to experiment with follows and un-follows until you find the tweeters that fit YOUR needs and not just based on others' recommendations.
So here goes:

Top Five - Technology News and Updates

AccountWhatMy Comments
# 5
Harry McCracken
Founder of Technologizer (tech site). Also a columnist for TIME.com. Updates on all kinds of technology equipment.
One of the most followed tech writer/blogger. Lots of great updates on 'personal' tech like mobile phones, computers, etc.
# 4
Campus Tech
News and additional tech resources on Education technology.
Tweets are not as often as I would like. Also quite specific to Education. Maybe not for everyone. But great resource if you are an EdTech.
# 3
Lots of great updates on gadgets and other 'fun' technology. From the makers of the Gizmodo site.
Only recently started following, but have looked at the website for a while. Tweets are interesting and the content and links keep you entertained. Lots of 'cool' links.
# 2
Web related news and updates - social media, tech and digital news and analysis from Mashable com.One of the bext resources and news on web related, web2.0, and social networking sites updates.
# 1
Tech Crunch
Breaking technology news and opinions from the TechCruch blog site.
The BEST news and review of technology, gadgets, web sites, and all things tech that you can use in a neat and consistently updated package.

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