Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coolest Technology of The Last Decade

The end of the year is a great time for lists. There are lists for movies, albums, events, and even a list for disasters.

Just the other day, I was thinking of some inventions that had made a mark in the last decade. Hence this list of technology that has made an impact in our lives. These are inventions that were available for the consumers, were easy to use, and changed the way we live our lives.

Here is my TOP 5:

Number 5 - GPS Navigation - Making driving a lot simpler and stress free. Comes in various accents that sounds better than your co-driver (spouse).
Number 4 - Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - Making TV viewing easier and lot more specific. Now you don't have to rush home to catch your favorite episode of crazy moms.
Number 3 - Digital Books/E-Reader (Kindle, Nook, etc) - Taking reading to the next generation. Making reading hip again. Interface still needs improvement.
Number 2 - Netbooks (and other mini laptops) - Making laptops more accessible and robust.You don't have to take another college loan to get one of these.
Number 1 - New Generation Smart Phones (iPhone, Palm Pre, Blackberries, etc) - Combining the best features of the Internet and small application (Apps) technology and making them available fast and interactive in your hand.

I am curious to hear what you think about this list and what you think are the other technology that has changed our lives in the last decade.

Technologies discussed: GPS, Digital Video Recording, Digital Books, Netbooks, Smart Phones

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