Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome to The Ohio State University!

I finally started my position here at the Foreign Language Center (FLC) of the Ohio State University (OSU), after months of waiting to clear out the visa process. The visa process can be very frustrating (but that’s another blog!) and a balanced mix of persistence and patience is essential.

The position here is that of Instructional Aids Associate, that which would require the wearing of (the proverbial) ‘many hats’. I am excited about the position and the prospects since OSU is a large university with potential to work with various talents and (hopefully) many new technologies. My position entails me to meet the technological needs of faculty in their projects/instruction (hence the title), and will involve the use of videoconferencing for distance learning, multi-media, various audio and video equipment, and the use of different educational software. Since I also have an MBA (I knew this would come in handy), some work in the promotion of the FLC would also go hand in hand.

My background and skills fit in well with the position (yes, yes... I know the interview is over!). My desire and capacity to learn about information and technology and to use it for educational purposes, my ability to work with people, and my business background will all get a run for the money with this position. I expect many challenges along the way and many milestones as well.

I plan to use this medium (and others) to keep the educational technology community tuned into the progress that I make. This will also involve postings on accomplishments, some growing pains, the new projects and technology that I work with, and the cast of characters I work with in these projects. I expect to keep up this blog and hope that you can provide me with the feedback and comments to make this blog a handy resource for all.

(PS – I wrote this a month or so ago, but took some time to arrange and post the blog. Lesson No. 1 – Anticipate time and time delay!)

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