Monday, December 15, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog….

New city, new job, new responsibilities, and new ideas! Having amassed degrees and experiences, I come into this new job brimming with energy and ideas. I also would like to share these ideas with faculty and fellow Educational Technologists and other people interested in educational technology (ET). The need for the right tool was dire!

There are many methods and tools to share such information (newsletters, forums, emails, wikis, etc) but I think a blog is the most effective. There are blogs for all topics under the sun and ‘experts’ dishing out the latest and greatest recipes from air-soup to retire-now schemes. However, I see a blog as a strong tool in this case since it’s:
  1. accessible
  2. familiar to most people who deal with ET
  3. Educational Technologists have similar issues around the world and can (are willing to?) exchange ideas and concerns with fellow experts.

My experience with blogging is light at best. Ok, I have blogged before and frequently read blogs, but to be able to blog consistently takes (I hear) patience and diligence. A command of the language is helpful too. My blogger friends advice me to keep at it though responses may be thin. In addition, I now come equipped with valuable advice from pros from problogger, dailyblogtips, and more.

So with the right tool in hand, I lunge forward to reach out and bring in the various issues in ET that concern my tenure at the Foreign Language Center at the Ohio State University. I hope the faculty and other ETs (around the world) can also weigh in and share their comments and advice to kick this into gear. So, without further adieu…Lets Blog!

Technologies Used : MS Word, Mozilla Firefox, google search (for articles on 'blogging tips', images on 'blog dummy book')

Contact me:
Sujan Manandhar
Instructional Aids Associate,
Foreign Language Center
Ohio State University

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