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Top Five Twitter for Central Ohio Sports

Twitter and sports are like PB&J. Sports is a religion and Twitter delivers. Organizations, athletes, sports-writers, celebrities, are all hopping the Twitter band-wagon to communicate with the fans. The fans/followers like the instant updates and insider info and get to know the other party better through these personalized Twitter accounts.

Central Ohio is crazy for its sports - no surprise there! The Ohio State buckeyes football dominates TV and other local media. Baseball and basketball follows and hockey and soccer are relatively new, but have a good fan base. Most fans are now Web2.0 savvy and follow blogs, Facebook, and twitter updates along with the TV broadcasts and box-scores. It is now essential to have a Web2.0 component to sports to connect with the fanbase.

These here are my top-five Twitter accounts for (kinda) local sports. At the end, I have also added a couple more that are worth following. I have based these rankings on updates (the right amount), fan interactivity, goodies, and the general 'Twitter-Feel' instead of the old one-point-o (1.0) media.

Top Five - Central Ohio Sports

AccountWhatMy Comments
# 5

The official mascot of Ohio State athletics brings you the official news feed from Buckeye athletics
All (or most) Ohio State sports covered by this official OSU sports twitter account. Not as interactive and up-to-date since it has to stay 'official'.
# 4

The Official Twitter of the 2010 & 2011 Triple-A National Champion Baseball Affiliate of the Cleveland Indians
Too many 'buy this' tweets but overall well written and good interactivity and promo information.
# 3

(Though the Cavaliers are not a local team, there is a large fan-base in C. Ohio)
Updates from the Plain Dealer's Cavs beat writers Tom Reed and Mary Schmitt Boyer.
In-game updates, additional insights, and links to articles from Plain Dealer, make it a good collection of Tweets.
# 2

Official Twitter Site of the Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Club
Great interactivity with the fans, players updates, retweets, making it great for Jackets fans, though the team could use a boost.
# 1
Official Twitter feed of Ohio's Major League Soccer club, three-time Supporters' Shield winners and 2008 MLS Cup Champion.
The BEST local sports Twitter page with great fan interactivity, updates, trivia, goodies, and in-game updates.

Honorary Mentions: CavsWitness (a very interactive site on mostly Cleveland sports, but some C-Ohio as well), Buckeye_Nation (all Ohio State University sports, but mostly football)

Technologies discussed:
Twitter, Short Messaging Service, SMS

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