Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Class Videos On YouTube – Again!

(2 part post – This is Part 2. Here is Part 1)

As mentioned, I have been working on videos for Dr. Smith in her Spanish conversation class to upload presentations to YouTube (for grading, sharing, reference, etc.). Considering I have worked with YouTube and have already done this for Dr. Smith, this session was going to be a breeze. That's what I'd thought.

I had this marked on my calendar and was 'ready'. I had the Canon miniDV Camcorder loaded on a tripod and connected to the same Sony Microphone (ECM – MS957) that I had used successfully before. Once again, the whole taping session was smooth sailing. That's what I'd thought.

I came back to my office and plugged the camera into my Mac (via Firewire) and was ready to do some quick editing in iMovie 08. Dead silence! I mean dead.....dead silence. It took me some fumbling around and David Lynch moments of emptiness to realize that the taping session had NO sound. None at all!

Half a day later I realized that the microphone was the culprit (I like to blame things on inanimate objects!). The microphone had enough juice for a test, but that was it. So the rest of the session had NO audio. Lesson learned - test your batteries; do not hesitate to use new(er) batteries. Luckily, Dr, Smith was nice enough to ask the class to redo the entire set of presentations. I had to re-tape everything, edit them again, and then only upload them to YouTube. Everything went well. Thats what I'd thought!

One Saturday morning at 1:30AM, I received an email from a student mentioning that the group videos were actually NOT private and that others could see them as well. Sheeesssshhh! All that group levels, members, uploading and then (only) adding to the group, was all a waste of time. So here I am at 2:00 in the morning making the videos 'private' and allowing just the class (Youtube allows 25 people) to view the videos.

Technologies: YouTube, iMovie, Video Taping, mini DV Camcorder, Video Editing, Video-sharing.

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  1. So, was that good or bad. I could not tell from your 10-min limited ending! You had me at hello.....

  2. i cant believe that there is no easy way to share videos with a group. once you put it in a group, only the group members should see it, i would think!